Smooth and Textured Hairstyles Course
This online course offers personalized, step-by-step instruction
from a seasoned hairstylist on creating Smooth and Textured Hairstyles.
This course includes 4 online lessons, a personal certificate at the end of the course,
1 year access to online lessons.
What hairstyles will be on the course?
The course is crafted to provide a step-by-step detailed demonstration of the Smooth and Textured Hairstyles

Course Program

Lesson 1. Smooth Modern Bun.
Explore the techniques for managing fluffy, porous, medium-length hair in this practical guide. Begin with understanding and practicing essential pre-styling preparation to ensure the hair is in optimal condition for styling.

Learn about various styling products, focusing on their application to create a sleek, smooth appearance, particularly in managing the challenges posed by fluffy and porous hair.

Dive into the detailed process of forming a bun, ensuring it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also securely fixed, utilizing methods that promote durability and longevity in the style
Lesson 2. Textured Bun with Iron Curls
In this lesson, we’ll walk through the step-by-step process of creating a textured bun using iron curls, a popular and elegant choice for wedding hairstyles. We’ll start by discussing how to work with lightened hair, ensuring it’s managed and styled in a way that maintains its health and vibrancy.

The crucial step of preparing the hair before styling will be addressed to establish a good base for the following steps. We’ll get hands-on with the iron, learning the techniques to create beautiful curls that will serve as the foundation for our bun.

Then, we’ll transition into forming the textured bun from our curls, ensuring it’s secure and visually appealing. Lastly, we’ll discuss the proportions of creating a voluminous hairstyle, ensuring that the final look is balanced and complementary to various face shapes.
Lesson 3. High Textured Bun.
In this lesson, we will delve into the styling of lightened, thick, and wavy hair, focusing on the creation of a high textured bun. Understanding how to manage and style lightened hair, especially when dealing with volume and waves, is crucial for achieving optimal results.

We’ll explore the principles of proportions in high hairstyles, ensuring that the look is balanced and flattering. Practical curling techniques using a flat iron will be demonstrated, providing you with the skills to create beautiful curls that serve as the foundation for our bun.

Special attention will be given to styling the face-framing area, ensuring it complements and enhances the overall hairstyle. Lastly, we will discuss and demonstrate how to securely fix the dense twists of the bun, ensuring durability and maintaining the style throughout the day.
Lesson 4. Low Textured Bun on Straight Hair
Working with thick hair of a fine structure. Preparing the hair before styling, ensuring it's clean and conditioned.

Achieving and maintaining lasting volume at the root area.

Techniques for creating texture even with straight hair.

Exploring and utilizing various types of styling products effectively to hold and define the style
Course Schedule
Smooth and Textured Hairstyles Course
This online course offers personalized, step-by-step instruction from a seasoned hairstylist on creating Smooth and Textured Hairstyles.

This course includes 4 online lessons, a personal certificate at the end of the course, 1 year access to online lessons.