Wedding Makeup

Discover the art of bridal beauty with our "Wedding Makeup" course. Learn essential techniques from understanding makeup brushes and preparing skin, to crafting a stunning bridal look using different cosmetic textures. Unveil the secrets of perfect foundation application, creating mesmerizing eye makeup, and executing the desired "Glowy Clean Makeup". Whether you're a beginner or a makeup enthusiast, join us and become a master of wedding makeup.
Wedding MakeUp
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In this lesson:

1. Kinds of makeup brushes. Brush shapes and bristle types for specific cosmetics.

2. How to properly prepare the skin before makeup

3. Cream and dry textures of cosmetics and their differences

4. Sculpting the face with different textures

5. Makeup with false eyelashes. Eyelash application techniques

6. How to apply foundation correctly and get perfect skin

7. Types of eye makeup products for different techniques

8. Working with facechart. How to make round eyes and "cat eyes"

9. Theoretical handout on favorite cosmetics brands

10. Makeup demonstration "Glowy clean makeup"