How to make Extra volume curls?

Hello everyone! In this video, I’ll show you how to create voluminous curls using a 28 mm curling iron. You can also use a larger diameter, such as 32 mm or 38 mm, for more dramatic curls. If you prefer using a smaller diameter or a tapered curling iron, I recommend twisting the curls using the twist method to achieve a Hollywood wave effect.

I start by dividing my hair into three ponytails, which helps add extra volume to the lower back part of the head. I also lift the top part of the head to add volume at the crown. I choose strands about 3−4 cm thick for curling; they should not be too thick to avoid excessive styling time and to ease fixation.

I use Redken Wax spray to smooth out the top layer of hair and pull up each curl closer to the roots, making it shorter but more voluminous. I backcomb the hairstyle, especially in the crown and back areas, to create pronounced volume.

To fix the hairstyle, I first use an aerosol hairspray, and then I must apply a liquid spray from Schwarzkopf for reliable fixation. This ensures your curls will hold all day long.

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