FLAT Iron Curling Secrets for Extreme Volume Revealed!

Ever wondered how to get ultra-voluminous curls using a hair straightener? In this video, I’m revealing all the secrets to creating curls with maximum volume and hold. You’ll learn various curling techniques and ways to extend your curls for the ultimate volume and resilience.

To ensure the firmness of the curls and create a backcombed effect along the hair length, I’ll be using hair powder. Plus, you’ll see how I use hair rollers to add extra volume from the root and achieve a fluffy hairstyle. With the help of Silhouette’s Black Pump Spray, you can be sure your hairstyle will stay intact until the very end of the night!

Thank you for watching, and here’s to easy hairstyling sessions for you! Stay tuned for more hair magic, and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe

Curls and easy hairstyle course

During the course you can send me your works and I will help you with any questions 

By the end of the course you will know different techniques of wrapping, creating curls and easy hairstyles