How to Style Bangs with Beautiful Curls?

Perfect Curls with Smooth and Silky Hair: Tips and Tricks
In this video, I’ll show you how to curl your hair with a curling iron to make your curls last all day. Before curling, I use a product that softens and detangles my hair (a Turkish brand), but you can use any smoothing or hair protectant product. I also straighten my hair before curling to make it smoother and more neat-looking.

I don’t straighten the second row of hair, though, so that I can show you how to curl it properly. These fluffy hair strands need to be evenly distributed on the curling iron’s clamp and smoothed out from both sides. Otherwise, your curls will look frizzy and uneven, and it will be harder to untangle them later.

For natural and soft hair, I use Schwarzkopf Silhouette liquid black hairspray before curling. It gives my curls more strength and hold. I also use it for the final touch-up and fixing of my curls. Follow my tips and tricks for perfect and long-lasting curls!

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